How the Internet Works

You aren’t anonymous on the Internet. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever used Google or facebook. If you comment on my blog, I can see what city you are in. I even have a vague-to-accurate address (depending upon several things). If you ask me for help with something and then […]


Our week in DFW was full of fun (well, for one of us, at least.) Sunday-drive up. We got a late start, but got there just fine. The hotel next to Emil’s class building was really nice. The only thing we missed was a mini-fridge. Monday-While Emil had his first day of class, complete with […]

Dreams through Groupon in just 4 days

Wow. What a week it has been! And it’s just Thursday. Tuesday was our (mine and Beth’s) little Taste of Dream Dinners party. As You Wish provided updated headshots/avatars to those in attendance. Another friend, Victoria sold her necklaces. It was small, but valuable for each of us involved. I have been too slow at […]

How Do You Know?

OK, seriously, how do good friends know just what you need and just when you need it? Jordan, Leanne, JJ/Becky, and even Louie (whom I’m certain does not read our blog) have all been completely and totally there for me today while I’m in that frustrated panic to get everything ready for my first year […]