Day 34 of 30+17

Today is my next to last day to miss work. I am, of course, glad to be feeling better. I sure wish I never had to go back there; the prospect is giving me nightmares. So, I’m reaffirmed yet again that that environment is the root of much of my stress. slept in a bit […]

Day 33 of 30+17

slept in a little bit walked with Jes and the dogs Getting Things Done lunch at home with my darling husband send some images to Janette so she can make her Thank You cards finalize Danielle’s guest book research get ready for a meeting meet with a designer dinner with my new friend (thanks, Karl!) […]

Day 29 of 30+17

I haven’t mentioned sleep patterns in a while. I should have been. I seem to be on track, finally. Now that we have figured out what works, I’ll use the extra 17 days to test it. Today, I: Getting Things Done walked with Jes and the dogs Getting Things Done lunch with E dropped off […]

Day 28 of 30+17

Yesterday, we decided to extend my medical leave by another ~10 business days. This puts me going to back work after Thanksgiving. yippie! Getting Things Done meeting put out a couple of fires print Thank You notes for BV QueSt mow the lawn weed/feed the lawn Getting Things Done deliver two Silent Auction winnings to […]

Day 24-27 of 30

24 overslept appointment errands HEB UPS drop of something for the Red Wasp Film Festival catch up (!) on email more errands Rosemary’s going away party Friday Drinking Club (sans E since he’s been sickypoo) 25 slept in BIG TIME took Indigo to Pet Smart to meet Patty; she thinks he might make a good […]

Day 23 of 30

It’s funny how yesterday, after I set a goal of making a dent in my inbox, I found other filing and stuff to do instead. It all still needs to get done and all still affects my greater todo list, but the filing was something that once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Today, I […]

Day 22 of 30

Getting Things Done with 43 folders and new files—in a big way set a goal to make a dent in the 2500+ message inbox, but worked on files instead; feeling very tactile this week failed, miserably, since I didn’t work on email at ALL today (except for incoming urgencies) filing filing filing errands: bank, freecycle, […]

Day 22 of 30

So, the 3:30 “alarm clock” (which is, I’m sure a combination of insomnia, allergies, and the new cold front) had me up until 8am. slept 8-10:30 ran errands: Home Depot, Office Depot organized the office, culling as I went research Getting Things Done with the 43Folders implementation CroKnit group at Blue Baker Getting Things Done […]

Day 21

I slept for ~11 hours last night, so it took me a little longer to wake up, but once I got up, I made quick progress check email for “urgencies” walked Indi Getting Things Done Looked for a CD to work on a project for a client Found out some bad news and became angry […]

Day 15 of 30

Wow, half way point, already! I don’t feel as productive as I wanted to by this point, but it’s been a busy two weeks: Homecoming, Luzaween, etc., so I think I may have expected too much of myself. After a weekend of late nights and no ability to take my sleeping med, I took it […]