Easter plans

We’ve missed the last couple of Luza Easter gatherings. Two years ago, we were just exhausted. Last year, it fell on our anniversary and we wanted to do something “better” than eat cheap frozen hamburgers and hot dogs in Dime Box. (We went downtown, had burgers, and bar hopped a little.) This year, though, Emil […]

Time heals wounds….what?

I guess maybe there is pretend truth to the statement that time heals all wounds. This was the first year since that awful day in 2002 when “God” took Daddy from this world that I didn’t hone in on the date. Of course, I don’t believe that “God” took him.[1] I believe that we aren’t […]

Happy Birthday, Daddy

2014. Today would have been your 68th birthday, Daddy. I miss you. You left us all much too soon. The world is weaker without you in it. My world is sadder with you gone. God is either cruel or non-existent; I believe in the latter.

You can never go home again

It’s been a year (& little) since my grandfather passed and since our vacation this direction last summer…and thus since we’d been “home”. Of course, Paris has never felt homey to me and hasn’t been my home since the day I left for college…other than a couple of very-temporary summers. This trip is for my […]

Mother, an O’Brien

That is what she prefers I call her: Mother. It’s how she signs the few cards I receive. What a formality for what is supposed to be an innate bond! Bollocks! You know one of the stories of when she was cruel to my grandmother. Today, I learned of another one. Mama Bee saw an […]

Great Grandmother’s Talent

My great grandmother, Mama Salter, put a crochet hook and some yarn in my hand when I was just a baby–far too young to remember. She didn’t care what I did, she just wanted me to play with it. I can not remember learning how to crochet the basic stitch. I only remember my grandmother, […]

RIP Frank M O’Brien

Thursday at ~12noon, my mom called to tell me: “they have taken away all the fluids” from Grandaddy. What? They took away the fluids and you know the body just can’t survive very long without liquids. I’m sorry. So….Grandaddy’s in the hospital? Yes. And you didn’t think it was important to call and tell me? […]

One Decade – a haiku

Just moments ago, I realized today’s date. It’s funny what your emotions remember when your brain tries to forget pain. — It’s been a decade. I still miss you very much. Daddy, you are loved. — Now, I know why I woke up with tear-stained cheeks. This post comes to you from atop the 3’x5′ […]