Lab Snacks “A Treat For Humans”

My co-worker, Anup, ordered some lenses and mounts for one of our systems. He spent about $100 at ThorLabs, Inc. When the box arrived, it was much larger than necessary. Inside, he found a box about the size of a kids’ shoe box full of treats and goodies: twizzlers, cheezits, peanuts, power bars, etc. The […]

Aggoe Jokes

The best Aggie jokes are the ones the Aggies play on themselves. Just hours after we learned that our new President, Dr. Murano is removing the the VP for Communications (Steve Moore), today’s edition of the Aggie Hotline comes out with a giant typo: “Aggoe”!

this crazy week

OK, so most of you know that my new job came with some giant first/urgent tasks (don’t they always?). But, given the calls and emails I’ve received, most of you don’t know just how giant these tasks were. 🙂 While I appreciate you all checking on me, I hope you’ll understand why I have not […]