not even a Living Wage

A few years ago, Living Wage (here’s Austin’s) was all the rage; at least it was in my sociopolitical circles. I considered it worthy to hope for, but quite unlikely to ever materialize. Today, I was smacked in the face with why it’s so damn important. Real Life Example #1 I’ve been job hunting. Ideally, […]


Our week in DFW was full of fun (well, for one of us, at least.) Sunday-drive up. We got a late start, but got there just fine. The hotel next to Emil’s class building was really nice. The only thing we missed was a mini-fridge. Monday-While Emil had his first day of class, complete with […]

Lab Snacks “A Treat For Humans”

My co-worker, Anup, ordered some lenses and mounts for one of our systems. He spent about $100 at ThorLabs, Inc. When the box arrived, it was much larger than necessary. Inside, he found a box about the size of a kids’ shoe box full of treats and goodies: twizzlers, cheezits, peanuts, power bars, etc. The […]