MiniVacay to Wimberley Day 3

Day 3 was a relaxing “get back home” day for us. After cleaning up the cabin and packing, we headed back to “town” for lunch. On the way out, Emil drove us over the river so I could grab these pics. We tried the Wimberley Cafe for lunch. Good thing we were leaving because we’d […]

MiniVacay to Wimberley Day 2

Day 2 of our mini-vacay brought us much fun! After a late night of hot tubbing, we slept in. Actually, I slept until about 8am when I could no longer breathe. I blogged and wrote our Yelp reviews from the day before; Emil was up by ~11am. We ventured out to have some lunch. The […]

MiniVacay to Wimberley

Last Spring, on our way home from Canyon Lake, we saw lots of traffic on I-35 (surprise) and chose to take the back roads, instead. We drove through the little town of Wimberley and decided it would be our next destination. We weren’t able to make it to Paris for Thanksgiving this year, so we […]

Memorial Day (weekend) Meandering

Saturday, we wanted an adventure away from the Memorial Day weekend craziness. So, after lunch at Pita Fusion (OMG was it GOOD!), we drove out to a National Wildlife Refuge near Burnet. Our Journey On the way there, we ventured through some developments with marinas and/or boat docks. In one of them, we found this […]

Mini-vacay Day Three

On the last day of our Mini-vacay, we were forced to get up early and check out of our cabin so we could make… The morning Gorge tour was a bit early for me: 9am. The people there were clearly more “morning” than I am. But, with the help of caffeine, and after we finished […]

Mini-vacay Day Two

(We wrapped up the evening of Mini-vacay Day One with a game of Thunderstone, where Emil decidedly kicked my ass. We were asleep before 11pm…ready to rest up for our day on the water.) …but the water outing was not meant to be. Watercraft rentals were $70-100/hour and none of those were for sailboats. So, […]

Mini-vacay Day One

With all that is going on and with Emil’s break between jobs, we decided to take a mini vacation. I suggested a lake and to camp for one night, but Emil went one better. He found a cute cabin with our own deck/yard for a very reasonable price. The view from the back of our […]

Free Admission to National Parks

If there any national parks you want to visit, these are the days to go (or avoid, depending on your point of view.) Jan 15-17: MLK Jr Birthday weekend April 16-24 June 21: first day of summer Sept 24th Nov 11-13: Verterans’ Day weekend