Owies! and Thanks!

Ouch! A few weeks ago, our Jeep caught a big rock to the windshield. We have always had good glass replacement options through State Farm, but the times have changed. Windshields have a lot of tech in them these days: radar cruise, lane assist, blind spot monitoring, etc.. Even with State Farm’s contribution, it was […]

It’s just so Early

Emil is officially “pre-retired” as of this past Wednesday. He’ll go back in January for 2-3 days and his exit interview. He offered that I should make him a Honey Do list. His first item was to nap all day, but he hasn’t yet completed that one (gaming got in the way). I have several […]

Oh My Deer

This weekend, we stayed at a golf course. It’s a small park with just a park host, two small pavilions, bathhouse, and laundry. It’s very clean, and it’s oh so quiet. Guess why? No children. There is nothing here for them. It’s a proper adult place. This is what we like about camping. A quiet […]

Life is a Lot-tery

Our lives have been ultra busy. What else is new? Processing my mom’s estate was a puzzle (by design due to the drama), so we left it in a holding pattern for a while. Now that my grandmother has also passed away, it’s time to kick all of that into high gear. I need to finish […]

MicroVacay April 2015

We needed to get away. After our best-laid plans to go to Paris for the “paperwork trip” failed, we made plans for another MicroVacay. (If a vacation is a few days, and a mini vacation is a weekend, then we consider a day trip without an overnight stay to be a micro vacation.) We went to […]

MicroVacay 2014

We needed a little getaway, but the calendar gods were not smiling upon us. So, instead of a mini vacation for a night or two, we took a micro vacay just for the day. I picked Colorado Bend State park. It wasn’t too far out for us to miss our obligations, like visiting Mom. I […]

Birthday Bacchanal™ 2012

Emil and several of our #childfree friends have late-November through early-December birthdays: Kelly, Jeff, Emil, Judy, and Ryan. So, we made a huge weekend out of it for all of them. Friday, Jeff, Judy, Emil, and I went for Thai lunch in Cedar Park on our way to Flat Creek Estate winery. We had the […]