SXSW 2013

We didn’t do much with/at #SXSW this year. We did make plans to and attended #gdgt. That was the same day as Circle Brewing’s birthday party. So we had beer (well, our friends and I had beer) and then took the train from there to downtown. On the way there, we stopped at Manuel’s Cuban […]


Somewhere, a few weeks ago, I looked at some stats about our little blog and realized that if we had advertising, we could cover the cost of our site (and the domain and the email accounts and all the other stuff that comes with it). So, today, I placed an ad spot in the sidebar […]

How the Internet Works

You aren’t anonymous on the Internet. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever used Google or facebook. If you comment on my blog, I can see what city you are in. I even have a vague-to-accurate address (depending upon several things). If you ask me for help with something and then […]

Mind in the Gutter

So, today on Twitter (and through either Foursquare which I play or Gowalla which I’d play except it crashes my phone), a guy I’ve met like-two-times-in-really-crowded-environments-&-he’d-never-remember-me situations posted where he was. He was Black Friday shopping at Toy Joy. What? Did I read that right? Toy JOY? TOY Joy? Did he just say that out […]