They’re Here!

While researching some blog material back in the spring, I found that Tacori was giving away an engagement ring from their new line. So, I signed up to win the beauty. I didn’t win the gorgeous ring, but I did win one of the other 99 prizes: a pair of “Jelly bean” diamond earrings in […]

Appreciation for Daddy

In prepping my facebook photo for Fathers’ Day weekend, I found this comment about him. LDS. He understood that you could sometimes help a student more by giving them a break [than] by always going 100 percent by the rules. It wasn’t just black or white…sometimes it was OK for there to be a little […]

When Parents Facebook

There is a great website: This is my little spin/play on that. Yes, this was in my facebook news feed this week. Tony B. is a friend of my mom’s from high school. While I’ve never met him IRL (i.e. In Real Life for you parents), I’ve grown up hearing countless stories about him […]

One Fine Day

For those liked the story about me being stranded with no gas and no phone…you need to watch the movie One Fine Day. At 1:04 into the movie when Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) is at the police station….that’s about how I looked and felt that day. The movie pretty much sums up the kind of […]

Credit Scores by State

(Click the image for an interactive version of the infographic.) It looks a little like the 2008 elections. Coincidence? Nah, maybe it’s just that we “keep up with the Jonses” in the South and overextend ourselves with the bigger houses and such.