They’re Here!

While researching some blog material back in the spring, I found that Tacori was giving away an engagement ring from their new line. So, I signed up to win the beauty. I didn’t win the gorgeous ring, but I did win one of the other 99 prizes: a pair of “Jelly bean” diamond earrings in […]

Appreciation for Daddy

In prepping my facebook photo for Fathers’ Day weekend, I found this comment about him. LDS. He understood that you could sometimes help a student more by giving them a break [than] by always going 100 percent by the rules. It wasn’t just black or white…sometimes it was OK for there to be a little […]

When Parents Facebook

There is a great website: This is my little spin/play on that. Yes, this was in my facebook news feed this week. Tony B. is a friend of my mom’s from high school. While I’ve never met him IRL (i.e. In Real Life for you parents), I’ve grown up hearing countless stories about him […]

One Fine Day

For those liked the story about me being stranded with no gas and no phone…you need to watch the movie One Fine Day. At 1:04 into the movie when Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) is at the police station….that’s about how I looked and felt that day. The movie pretty much sums up the kind of […]

Credit Scores by State

(Click the image for an interactive version of the infographic.) It looks a little like the 2008 elections. Coincidence? Nah, maybe it’s just that we “keep up with the Jonses” in the South and overextend ourselves with the bigger houses and such.

The Pong

I have several friends with whom I could talk for hours upon hours. Usually, it’s because we haven’t seen each other in days/weeks/months and there is much to share. Sometimes, it’s just the drama that has unfolded in the last ~24 hours since we talked before. These talks always meander and wander from one topic […]