Moving Weekend #2

Back in May, we moved the stuff we needed to live in a 2-2 apartment. Coming from a 3-2.5-2 house, this left a lot behind. A couple of weekends ago, we had a big moving sale to get rid of furniture we couldn’t use and some of the stuff we didn’t need. However, since we […]

Successful Moving Sale

Well, our moving sale was a big success. By estimations of “stuff” in the driveway, we got rid of about half of it. We sold the dresser, the coffee/sofa/end tables, the craft desk, the bookcases, and a bunch of smaller things, too. E’s mom came over for a while, and we got to hang out […]

Gonna Get ‘On the Road Again’

Guess where we’re going this weekend? That’s right, Bryan! We’ll be holding a Moving Sale Saturday 7am-2pm We need to get rid of some furniture we don’t want to keep/store. Hopefully, we’ll sell enough stuff to be able to rent a smaller storage unit or one that isn’t climate controlled. So, stop by Saturday morning […]

Recycling Day

For years, I’ve been hoarding “good” boxes. I use them not only for wrapping gifts, but also at events to create height and interest in displays. They are especially good for silent auctions! We had waaaaay too many. I had every intention of culling them and taking them to the recycling center, but for a […]

this crazy week

OK, so most of you know that my new job came with some giant first/urgent tasks (don’t they always?). But, given the calls and emails I’ve received, most of you don’t know just how giant these tasks were. 🙂 While I appreciate you all checking on me, I hope you’ll understand why I have not […]

Garden-safe Fire Ant Killer

Garden-safe Fire Ant Killer (as described by a manager at a local nursery) Supplies 5 gallon bucket of water shovel Ingredients 1/4 cup Turpentine (not “turpAtine” sold at places like WalMart) 1/4 cup ammonia 1/4 cup Lysol® cleaner 1/4 cup Dawn® dish washing liquid Instructions Add each of the ingredients to the bucket of water […]