Election Fraud-ian

Title mine. Content quoted with permission from an online friend. “[Trumpits] wanna talk election fraud; let’s do this: 1. Appointing a Postmaster General to deliberately slow the delivery of absentee ballots is election fraud. 2. Demanding that the counting of ballots be stopped on election night and falsely declaring yourself the winner is election fraud. […]

Oh My Deer

This weekend, we stayed at a golf course. It’s a small park with just a park host, two small pavilions, bathhouse, and laundry. It’s very clean, and it’s oh so quiet. Guess why? No children. There is nothing here for them. It’s a proper adult place. This is what we like about camping. A quiet […]

Life is a Lot-tery

Our lives have been ultra busy. What else is new? Processing my mom’s estate was a puzzle (by design due to the drama), so we left it in a holding pattern for a while. Now that my grandmother has also passed away, it’s time to kick all of that into high gear. I need to finish […]


Happy Birthday, Daddy. You’d have kept a level head during all of this Covid stuff. You’d have been so excited for our new (and upcoming) adventures. All the golf, all the time. Miss you terribly.