The drive back, Days 3 and 4

The drive from Vernon TX to the Fort Worth area was still windy af, but it was much easier otherwise. We were on uncommon roads with little traffic, but still lots of wind and wind farms. The drive was fine, but getting to the RV park was a challenge with construction and a giant detour. […]

The drive back, Day 2 – May the 6th

“May the 4th Be With You” / Star Wars Day is followed closely by “Revenge of the Fifth” or “Revenge of the Sixth” per preference. I (L) find it ironic that we are on our way home to Texas on May the 6th. Many months ago, when we thought COVID-19 would be handled long before […]

The drive back, Day 1 – Star Wars Day

The drive through “western Kansas” (eastern Colorado) was much longer than it looked on the map. It’s deceiving how big Colorado is, especially to us native Texans. It’s an okay drive with cell signal dipping in and out. Crossing into Kansas meant a nicer highway (probably because it’s one of their only ones!), but some […]

Some down time, too

We didn’t just “work” the whole time we were in Denver. We also had some fun/down time. we went out for a short while on Friday night and then Saturday we started our night with steaks to celebrate the contract we did a tiny bit of shopping for furniture ideas and some recreational items we […]

Third time’s a charm

We woke up on Shopping Day 3 with a strong favorite, but we had yet to see two great buildings in a different part of town. One of the buildings was a total bust (ew!) and the other was great, but the unit was teeny tiny. We also didn’t like the area compared to the […]

Shopping Days 1 and 2

Snow! L woke up from an altitude headache disappointed to discover that it had not snowed, after all…but a few minutes later it started and went on for over an hour. The motorhome had worked hard to keep us warm by running the heat non-stop. Day one, we saw 9 condos in 6 buildings that […]

The drive up

[This blog post is post-dated for our safety. Written 27Apr.] After a planned night out with some friends, we started to make our way to Denver. We purposely picked a 3-day drive so it would be easier. SO VERY glad we did that. Austin to Lubbock The drive from Austin (to the Georgetown storage lot) […]

Let’s Do This

[This blog post is post-dated for our safety. Written 22Apr.] We have been planning to move to Denver for a couple of years. And now, that dream is eeking toward reality. We just got the RV back from some “trifecta” repairs (big-freeze damage, some warranty stuff, and even a recall). We took her to a […]

DDS Scummy Scam

As if dental stuff wasn’t bad enough, now they’ve added scummy scamming. Not long after we moved to Austin, I fired DDS H1 for his incompetent staff and their massive insurance mistakes that I had to fix. A couple of years ago, I fired his replacement, DDS H2. The work he did was good, but […]