They’re Here!

While researching some blog material back in the spring, I found that Tacori was giving away an engagement ring from their new line. So, I signed up to win the beauty. I didn’t win the gorgeous ring, but I did win one of the other 99 prizes: a pair of “Jelly bean” diamond earrings in […]

Going Bananas

After some office/business and personal “admin” stuff organization, I was able to return to a regular reading of my favorite blogs (including those of our friends!). Yay. Bloglines is my friend. And, now it’s on my daily radar and well-organized. One of my favorites is The Bloggess. Her bananas story had me cracking up….and plotting […]

Saturday Rules v 1.0

Weekend! Saturday, the best day of the week, right? Well, it is for me. It’s the one day when I can both sleep in and stay up late. It’s the one day that I have all 24 hours to spend with Emil. Saturday is for festivals and weddings. Saturday is for mini-vacays when the week […]