Zoom-Zoom, Zoom-Zoom: You Can Say That, Again

After losing BB to the accident, we learned that we were one of those rare cases where a totaled car was in our favor. We bought BB with a ~$3000 trade in of my truck. Insurance paid off our loan and gave us $6,000+ to put toward a replacement. E’s car, Little Blue, is 11 […]

RIP BB 2009-2011

BB the silver 2010 Scion xD 2009-2011 In the fall of 2009, after we sold the house in Bryan, we had to trade in my truck before it left me/us stranded. We got a cute little “hippie”/Austin car that more than 2x the gas mileage Baby Truck did. We named her BB…inspired by our favorite […]

A growing family: Panther

We added four feet to our family this weekend. . Last weekend, after a quick visit with Shelly (a.k.a. Sheldon before they found out he was a she; an 8-week old sibling of Lenoard, Penny, and Howard), we found out that that her parents weren’t quite ready to give her up for adoption like they […]