Put Up or Shut Up

With the support of another member (and some help from E), I volunteered to upgrade a website that was at least a decade old. Generally, pictures from 5 years ago were the most recent additions. (There are a couple of isolated exceptions.) The site can’t grow for the membership of the group in the HTML […]

The Dental Probrem

While the entire healthcare industry is a racket full of it’s own bullshit, I’m going to rant blog [1] today about the dental niche. The Dental Probrem[2] We pay for dental “insurance”. Apparently, the morons who designed this system don’t understand how insurance is supposed to work. Insurance is supposed to go like this: everyone […]

My Third Bridge

I have a bridge. It’s in the front of my mouth. It’s the nemesis to my smile….and a large reason why anyone rarely finds me on “that end” of a lens. This is the hell I’ve been through…through visit 1 of 2 for my 3rd bridge. As a kid, I went to an old-school dentist. […]

Discount Codes and Industry Ethics

I can’t blog about this on my AYW sites, but oh how I’d love to! I’m facebook friends with a local industry professional. Her business is pretty well known in the wedding industry. She’s pricey. She “facebooked” this week about how the vacation deal she wanted to use fell through because “the code was shut […]

Oops [They] Did It Again

Erroneous and hurtful oversight #4 by a “friend” happened this week. (In most ways it wasn’t as bad as the other times, but in one way it was way bigger!) This is getting old. I’ve tweaked settings, so I’m down to only seeing online posts by accident. Short of unfriending/blocking, I don’t know how else […]

Give AND Take part deux

Another rant so soon? Yes, it seems these things come in waves. Furthermore, there have been several things going on. In all kinds of ways, I give a LOT to my community. I give time/skill/talent to charity and other community efforts. I pick up random trash I see. I take a shopping cart from the […]

BNI Bonehead Networker Inconceivable!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a good rant. (Man, I love living in Austin instead of Bryan/”Closet Station”!) Background OK, so I’ve been networking and doing all I can to grow AYW in Austin. When we lived in B/CS, I was part of BNI (Business Networking International). It’s an expensive group to join […]