GTFO, American Express

About a year ago, we got an AmEx card only because we got a Costco membership. At least one of these is getting out of our life this week. In a hasty moment of anger, I Tweeted we’d be quitting Costco too, over this AmEx fubar. And we might. It’s their fault we even had […]

Day 53 of #FleaFest2012

It’s day 54 since the fleas in our apartment were treated Today, I caught ten in the homemade flea trap. I’ve grown weary of taking the vacuum canister to the trash dumpster on a daily basis. Today, after several days of similar, seeing that all the vacuumed fleas were dead–I dropped the minimal dust (when […]

Flea Fest 2012

We “inherited” some “roommates” with our move. Fleas. Yes, The Bitch (not her real name) who lived here before us had a flea infestation she didn’t report. So, instead of treating the concrete the minute she moved out, they were only able to treat the new carpet that would become ours. I’ve researched far more […]

TeleCheck Sucks

We have auto-draft for our rent. It’s convenient and saves us a bunch of hassle like remember which day is the 1st or which holiday impacts rent’s due date. Backstory [Stories that start like this are getting old.] Back in college, I bought some cute socks. My less-that-$10 check was returned by my bank for […]

Pre-existing Condition, My Ass

So, Emil (as primary on the insurance) gets a bill this week that the dentist wants the rest of the money for the bridge replacement. Insurance didn’t pay their part due to “a pre-existing condition….missing tooth”. I know this is a big “shock” to you all, but I’m seething. I know “receptionist” (in quotes and […]

Annual Holiday Pre-Rant

It’s a bit early, I know. But, this year, more than ever, I noticed Christmas (decor, music, sales, advertisements, and more) showing up mid-October with greater force than ever before. As you all know, I’d like to get through Hallowe’en before I see any of that. Thanksgiving, too. I can’t enjoy Christmas when it’s been […]

Put Up or Shut Up

With the support of another member (and some help from Emil), I volunteered to upgrade a website that was at least a decade old. Generally, pictures from 5 years ago were the most recent additions. (There are a couple of isolated exceptions.) The site can’t grow for the membership of the group in the HTML […]

The Dental Probrem

While the entire healthcare industry is a racket full of it’s own bullshit, I’m going to rant blog [1] today about the dental niche. The Dental Probrem[2] We pay for dental “insurance”. Apparently, the morons who designed this system don’t understand how insurance is supposed to work. Insurance is supposed to go like this: everyone […]