Candlelight Vigil

Last week’s #ATXplanecrash hit close to home, literally. It occurred just a couple of “highway” blocks south of where we live. I was home, never heard a boom, and didn’t see any smoke. Twitter was our source for information. I learned of it first, there (just like I did of Michael Jackson’s death) and Re-Tweeted […]

Dreams through Groupon in just 4 days

Wow. What a week it has been! And it’s just Thursday. Tuesday was our (mine and Beth’s) little Taste of Dream Dinners party. AYW provided updated headshots/avatars to those in attendance. Another friend, Victoria sold her necklaces. It was small, but valuable for each of us involved. I have been too slow at getting those […]

Ben Lerman Show

Ben Lerman is a melodic-with-a-ukulele genius. Ben has some great stories that he has turned into song. He also does the occasional cover song that fits his shtick. His material is NSFW (not safe for work), but this post on our blog is. 🙂

Mind in the Gutter

So, today on Twitter (and through either Foursquare which I play or Gowalla which I’d play except it crashes my phone), a guy I’ve met like-two-times-in-really-crowded-environments-&-he’d-never-remember-me situations posted where he was. He was Black Friday shopping at Toy Joy. What? Did I read that right? Toy JOY? TOY Joy? Did he just say that out […]