New Neighbors

Down the road from us, they are building some new apartments. We already know how it will affect our traffic patterns, and it’s no big deal. The construction is literally a big deal, however. They are tying the new complex into our main lines; I’m sure this is standard. What’s big is what they are […]

in.gredients now open

Today, we took a little field trip to the new packageless (mostly) grocer: in.gredients. The offer fresh fruit and veggies from their own and other Austin garden, meat from area ranches, bulk dry good in any amount desired, and lots of sweet surprises. We bought soap nuts (reusable laundry soap!), black quinoa, hydroponic romaine lettuce, […]

Cedric the Entertainer

Harry: So, what are we going to order? Sally: Well, I’m going to start with the grilled ridichio. Harry: Jess, Sally is a great orderer….even the chef didn’t know how good it could be. Jess: I think restaurants have become to important. Marie: Oh, I agree. Restaurants are to people in the 80s what theater […]

Awesome Austin

A Twitter friend (and fellow photographer) will be vacationing in Lago Vista this summer and wanted a list of places to eat and wanted to know what Sandra Bullock owns. @LH: @AsYouWish Japanese, American, TexMex, BBQ. Something different that no other cities would have. &little unique shops too if you don’t mind. So, armed with […]

Party Season

It’s been one party after another for us. Miami played FSU in basket ball (and had a darn good showing!) Our No Kidding! chapter had our annual Chocolate party on Valentine’s weekend. This past weekend was a beer tour at Circle Brewery (owned by a Miami alumnus!) The same day, we attended a Mardi Gras […]

The Real Move

This whole move thing is becoming quite real. The new cat door came in. We tested it, their new stairs, and their new ramp-with-landing that we built. I’ll try to grab some pictures when we get them installed. We sold the washer and dryer to some friends. They have had their house back since 1-Feb, […]

They’re Ruining WiFi

I get a LOT more done during the day if I go somewhere than I do if I stay home. So, I’m pretty familiar with all the WiFi spots near me. I know which ones have a good/strong signal, which ones nag for multiple logins, which places have good food, and even which of my […]