Stolen what?

Errands…so many errands.

donations, quick medical thing, two Jeep things, lunch, store…

…and then we went to get our Moderna boosters. Intake and recovery is in the parking lot. You go in a bus to get the actual shot. So, I (L) missed part of the excitement.

While I was getting my shot, a larger white pickup came flying into the parking lot and slammed on the breaks in front of a tow truck that was parked there. The driver and some friends got out of the truck armed with crow bars and wrenches. As if by perfect timing, the white couple who drove the tow truck last were walking toward it. As soon as it was clear that they were the thieves, the truck guys chased them away.

I come out of the bus to the truck driver on the phone with the cops describing the couple who had stolen his tow truck. He was stomping around with a very long socket wrench in his hand–wielding that thing like an angry knight with a sword. He told them that one of his buddies spotted it in the lot, so he drove right over. He described the thieves and was trying to file a report. He was still very amped up from the chase. We left when my 15-minute recovery was up, and no cops had shown up yet.

Who steals a tow truck to go to the Dollar Tree or Save A Lot grocery?

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