The not-so great escape featuring Marble

Every cat [1] who has ever adopted me has, at one point or another, made an escape.

Sosta: in 1997. Our first night in College Station. She scared me to death. I cried all night. She came back in the morning.

Mitad: in ~2001. She got out, got into a fight, and had a huge bite out of her skin. She had to go on antibiotics and “outdoor kitty” shots and stuff.

Purrrrrl: in 2002. Twice. She would nap on the half wall of our balcony. Two times right after we moved in, we came home to find her lying in the Jasmine below. Months later, I was watching her nap and realized how she did it. She was sleeping when a bug buzzed her head and she reached to swat at it. She almost fell that time, too.

I guess it was Marble‘s turn. He can walk on the outside of the rail of our balcony. I’ve worried about him doing it, but it’s not like there is anything I can do to stop/prevent it. During the little storm last night (and while Emil and I were at dinner), he got down from the 3rd floor balcony. I was at knitting and Emil was watching The Outlaws. He knew something was very wrong at their 9pm dinner time. He walked the perimiter of our place with the red laser light. When I got home, we did it again. No luck. Sadness.

I made flyers with my phone number and email address and we hung them on the doors in this breezeway. I figured I’d hit the rest of the building today. Today, at 5:09am, we got a text–which I of course didn’t see until hours later–that he was with downstairs neighbors. They found him warbling in a corner of the breezeway, took him in, and put a flyer in the mailbox area. I didn’t even think to look in there or put a flyer in there. He had been playing with their dog and smelled of her sweet Indian perfume.

He’s exhausted. Being homeless is hard, even when you have a nice place to stay. He’s slept harder and far more today than usual. I think he also might be a little sore, but he doesn’t have any scrapes or bumps.

I hope, like the others, that he learned his lesson and will quit with the “Catcrobatics”


[1] Come to think of it, every dog I can remember has a story, too. I’ll have to blog those one of these days.


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