Sunrise from our condo

Ever since deaths of both people and work, my (L) insomnia has been much better. But a few days ago, it reared its ugly head with a vengeance. I was up until the sunrise, so I took advantage of the moments. I set a timer and got a small series of shots from our beautiful […]

Lead Boy ’21

(Title by E in honor of his excursion.) We spent a few days mid-week in Leadville. Four years ago, we were there for part of one day when we stayed in the corporate Mountain House in Frisco. Leadville is the highest city in the USA at 10,152′ and is a cute little town. It’s also […]

Stolen what?

Errands…so many errands. donations, quick medical thing, two Jeep things, lunch, store… …and then we went to get our Moderna boosters. Intake and recovery is in the parking lot. You go in a bus to get the actual shot. So, I (L) missed part of the excitement. While I was getting my shot, a larger […]

First (tiny) Snow

On my (L) way to acupuncture* this week, it snowed a teeny tiny bit. There were maybe 20 flakes, but they were definitely floating snow and not rain/sleet (like the precipitation we know from Texas). We are so happy to start the season! We have plans for ski lessons and stuff. Our plan for this […]


I (L) am so angry with Texas. I’m horrifically embarrassed and hurt and angry over the new laws, there. I saw a posting today that I feel is pretty darn accurate. Texas, where the Handmaid’s Tale meets the Taliban. Yep. That just about sums it up. Hateful bastards.

Texas to Colorado +

Our drive from Texas to Colorado was way better this time. We pushed through the first day to Amarillo and saw the TEXAS musical in Palo Duro Canyon. I (L) had never seen it. It was amazing; if you are ever in the area, you should go. The costumes, the talent, the tech, and the […]


We have a contract. We didn’t take the offer with the most money (but it was close). We took the one that was the best fit. There is a realtor in our ‘hood, RS of RS. She’s all butt hurt that we (and the house across from us) didn’t use her. Let’s go over the […]

Exit Stage Right

Packed/Cleaned We finished packing the moving pod and the service picked it up to take it to Denver. We are still finalizing the details of move-in, but we’re soooo close. A pod is totally the way to go. There are several brands now and the cost varies greatly, so that’s worth researching for your next […]

Purge Push

In spite of a lot of pre-purging, we still have a lot to deal with in order to move. But we also have social obligations. I (L) spent an afternoon with J. We had salads and drinks and finally got to catch up on all the things. Her nearly-grown kids are great young humans who […]