• 26Oct

    You aren’t anonymous on the Internet. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever used Google or facebook.

    • If you comment on my blog, I can see what city you are in. I even have a vague-to-accurate address (depending upon several things).
    • If you ask me for help with something and then undo all the work I did with your blessing, I’ll know. Guess what? I follow the projects I’ve worked on.
    • If you read most of the (infrequent) emails my business sends over the course of a few years but then suddenly mark one as spam a) I’ll know you did that and b) you’ll jeopardize your reputation as a savvy Internet user. Clearly you were interested enough to read some of them. Just don’t be a dick about it. Unsubscribe if you are no longer interested.
      And if you are family, it’s just makes you look even worse.

    I’m tired of bad “sportsmanship” to use the term more globally. It’s just not that hard to be nice. It’s even easier to not be a jerk; ha, for that, you don’t have to do ANYthing!


  • 21Jun

    Our week in DFW was full of fun (well, for one of us, at least.)

    Sunday-drive up. We got a late start, but got there just fine. The hotel next to Emil’s class building was really nice. The only thing we missed was a mini-fridge.

    Monday-While Emil had his first day of class, complete with his first night of studying, I spent the afternoon and evening with JJ & Becky and their kids. What fun we had with games, and supper, and trains, and more.

    Tuesday-While Emil took his first test, I spent the day with Leanne. She was on vacation before her new job started. We had a great day making Challah and prepping for Friday services and the meal that would follow.

    Wednesday-While Emil studied for the 2nd test, I spent the day with Sue and Bero at their home in Weatherford. We worked on her blog, traded Photoshop tricks, and picked gargantuan veggies from her garden. Vine-ripened tomatoes! Yum!

    Thursday-While Emil took his 2nd test, I had no plans other than some editing to catch up on. I was a pretty disappointed in my food and WiFi choices for the day. If Las colinas is going to be such a corporate park—and with the construction of the Irving Convention Center complete with a light rail—they need to get with the times.

    Friday-While Emil studied for his third test, I buzzed over to Fort Worth to hang with Jordan. I edited photos while she worked the UP desk at her real estate office. Then, we went to lunch and then spent the afternoon co-working before she had to leave to meet clients and I had to leave to get back to Leanne’s. I met Leanne at her Synagogue and attended services with her. She then welcomed me and several friends into her home for a proper meal for Shabbaz complete with blessings of the bread and wine and washing of our hands. It was a wonderful experience; I checked something off my bucket list.

    Saturday-Emil’s last day of class and final test. I spent a good deal of time editing, but also carved out some time for myself at the pool.

    Sunday-We slept in, had a yummy brunch, and made our way back home. Purrrrl seems to have zen’ed all week; she was bothered that our home arrival interrupted her nap. Thanks to our friend Cathy for checking in on Purrrrrl and Turtleor.

  • 04Jun

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  • 04Jun

    “oh I’ve got friends in HIGH places”
    YIELDS “I have the most amazing friends.”

    [Yeah, I took the time to try to make a greater paraody of Garth’s lyrics, but I gave up!]

    Today, I emailed some friends in the DFW area to let them know we’d be up there in a couple of weeks. [Emil has one of those 8am-8pm/daily computer certification classes to attend. At the end of it all and with a passing grade on the test, he’ll have a few more letters to add to his credentials. Don’t worry, none of us are supposed to understand what his new letters mean.]

    My main plan is to mostly edit/blog like a mad fiend, but I also hope to host some portrait sessions from friends of friends, if possible.

    Within MINUTES of that email, I had exuberant replies from friends offering places to stay, cultural opportunities, professional development opportunities, referrals to friends, and fun! I literally teared up and jumped up and down with excitement
    …with only moments between those emotions.
    [The current story with our downstairs neighbors is that we won a lottery.]

    It was, literally, the happiest day of my life since the day I found out we were “really and truly” moving to Austin.

    So, my dear friends, thank you ten-fold for your faith in me and my work and your love and devotion to me as a person (who is sometimes on the fringe). I appreciate even the tiniest gesture of “Like”ing As You Wish photography on facebook as well as your legitimate referrals to your friends/colleagues.

    More than anything else, I appreciate that you welcome me into your family/culture/society.

    Each of you has honored me.

  • 22Jan

    Wow. What a week it has been! And it’s just Thursday.

    1. Tuesday was our (mine and Beth’s) little Taste of Dream Dinners party. As You Wish provided updated headshots/avatars to those in attendance. Another friend, Victoria sold her necklaces. It was small, but valuable for each of us involved. I have been too slow at getting those images processed.
    2. Wednesday, I was “it” at my monthly Brainstormers group. I presented a problem: how to market to school-age kids, Tweens, and teens and their parents. Through a process that adheres to the rules of Brainstorming, I was literally bouncing up and down at all the fabulous ideas. I can’t wait to implement some of them. I was also happy to see that my brainstorming topic was one that could apply to a lot of the members of the group.
    3. Thursday morning I had an interview for a great job—-I’ve kept my job search a bit on the down-low, I’ve had enough bad bosses/jobs thankyouverymuch [1]—-as an Education Coordinator…but as it turns out, it has a 75% travel time. I could easily be gone Monday-Friday for three weeks of every month. If I get an offer from them, we will have to consider it very carefully.
    4. Thursday all day, As You Wish was the Groupon.com deal of the day for Austin. As of this writing, I have 90 portrait sessions from new clients for the Austin area! And, my business name has been in front of 44,000+ Austin members today. In addition, I also got a new Senior Ambassador, and I sold a Womb-to-Bloom portrait series that includes a maternity session, newborn session, 3-6-9 month sessions, and a first birthday session complete with balloons and CAKE! (Maybe #3 isn’t so important, after all…?). Whew! Late in the day, I learned that a potential bride and a close friend were on the list of those who purchased Groupons. Thank you, both. You “warm the cockles of my cockles”. [2] Ack! I just checked again and it’s up to 95!!

    There have been several other happy moments this week: I was selected to serve on two committees for the Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals; I’m going to be working with great folks on both of those! And, my new friend, Hilarie, gave me some excellent feedback on a challenging aspect of my website, which I took to heart and applied fully. Just a few days later, I was able to return the favor to her in the form of reviewing her “audition” piece for a graphic design job. She was pleased with the feedback and genuinely considered my thoughts. She and I are on to something, here… There were others, too. It’s been a week of amazing moments.

    When will my world stop spinning? I can only handle this adrenaline rush for a little while longer. At the same time, it sure is a spinning a web of happiness; a web that I know will catch me when I fall.

    “If my friends could see me, now!” Oh wait; you can! You just did!

    Oh, and BTW, adrenaline and/or sheer excitement is an easy fix for a caffeine dependency. I’ve barely had any today and have hardly noticed. How do I get THAT side effect more often

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    [1] Do’ort’y the Lawsuit, Poopy CapeHard, Kevin Jack-off-some, REEX, and Urinal Guava
    [2] “warms the cockles of my cockles” I’ve been looking for that reference for years. If you can give me the original reference for this quote, I’ll give you a free portrait session of your choosing (for those nearby) and/or a free design for Valentine’s or other holiday cards (for those far-far away).
  • 02Sep

    At Texas School this year, I bought a small softbox and a tiny flash and some comm devices to sync them. I have a lot of plans to use this little (light and portable) setup and have my first opportunity coming up in a few days. Since May, I had played with them all, but still needed a light stand to take the rig out in public. I ordered a stand over the weekend and it came in today.

    Parker Bear was my first model, but he was quickly joined by Sosta (who loves that blue “skipping stones” afghan I made a few years ago).

    I’m still learning how to blend the lights exactly the way I want. I’ll have to wrangle Purrrrrl into a photo session tomorrow.

    Parker Bear and Sosta Kitty Strike a Pose

    Parker Bear and Sosta Kitty Strike a Pose

  • 01Jun

    Well, today is Emil’s first day of work. I made us a sausage and eggs breakfast so he could eat well for his first day. It was cool this morning, so we had a lovely breakfast on the balcony.

    He planned for 45 minutes of driving, but it only took ~20. (yay @bennrosales and @laniar for helping us find the right place to living and for knowing how long it would take. We planned extra time for insurance.) So, he can tweak his leave time by a few minutes once this week for the school year and again next week after Austin ISD schools are through for the year.

    I did quite a few things around the house and spent a large chunk of time changing more addresses. With owning a small business, changing the mailing address is almost as time-consuming as changing my name when we got married! When I needed a creative outlet from that monotony, I worked on As You Wish’s new logo. It’s not finished, of course, but I have GOT to order Austin business cards, so I brought it to a stopping point. It meets most of my criteria: (simple/elegant/edgy, color yet easily convertable to b/w, and watermarkable) and misses some elements (a “picture/icon/image” and the website). Feedback is welcome.

    As You Wish photography in Austin, Texas

    I took care of some errands and hit the gym (I think I might have mentioned the 11,000 sq ft gym at our complex…? It’s the largest private gym in all of Austin.) and had a healthy lunch and a nice afternoon break…..at which I met not only an employee of Apple, but also a recruiter. Austin’s Apple campus is closer to our apartment than front office. The recruiter I met is not only interested in seeing my resume for potential moonlighting work while I expand As You Wish into the Austin branch, but also about to get engaged!

    I haven’t had such a productive day in a long time. Well, that’s not true, moving day is productive, but it’s not fun-productive, even with the help of @roybragg and Sandra and two of their kids.

    So, I’m leaving, now to meet @emil285 for a quick/light dinner and then to a Board Game Tweetup with @bennrosales, @laniar, @conniereece and several other Austinites who Tweet.

  • 01May

    OK, seriously, how do good friends know just what you need and just when you need it?

    Jordan, Leanne, JJ/Becky, and even Louie (whom I’m certain does not read our blog) have all been completely and totally there for me today while I’m in that frustrated panic to get everything ready for my first year to be a Wrangler at Texas Photography School. (Actually, being a Wrangler doesn’t have me nervous at all…..but just getting their with all my stuff I need and working out logistics is making me a wreck. It’s unreal how much there is to prepare for this trip.)

    Thank you, friends.

    smooches to you all!

  • 25Apr

    Some of you may remember when, earlier this year, a good friend of my dad’s passed away. Well, the next step was to add Harold’ s name to the Memorial Golf Tournament. There are also plans to install a memorial bench at the course, like the one there in memory of Daddy.

    Larry Salter & Harold Morrison Memorial Golf Tournament
    benefiting the Prairiland Academic Trust Foundation
    which supports Prairiland ISD schools, namely scholarships for graduating seniors who might not have funding to attend college

    My has the tournament grown since that second year when we became involved. (The first year, Daddy played in the tournament. The next year, he died just before the event and the planners named it in his memory.) The first year we were involved, there was one flight of four-man teams. A couple of years later, they went to six man teams and then to two flights just after that. This year, both flights were brimming over: 21 and 24 teams on an 18-hole course.

    It was a very windy day that constantly threatened rain. But, all in all, the weather was not to warm or cool and made for a nice day for golf. Emil even got to use the driver he won as a door prize last year. He played on the As You Wish team, which came in last in their flight and won free golf lessons.

    Emil Chip

  • 01Apr

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