• 26Oct

    I expect–nay demand–good sportsmanship from college and professional athletes and their fans.

    • It is NOT acceptable that a Miami player punched a North Carolina player in the groin this year.
    • It is NOT acceptable that Aggies vandalized the UT campus over the weekend.
    • It is NOT acceptable that Tech vandalized Aggie buses earlier this year.
    • The other incidents over the years by Tech and Baylor fans to the Aggie campus and community are also completely unacceptable. (Anyone know how much repainting cost on that Aggie barn the Bears painted green a few years ago?) Miami/FIU fighting on the field was embarrassing. (FIU? really?) I’m sure there have been times when Aggies did their fair share of “stuff” to Tech and Baylor, too; I just didn’t live in those towns to hear about it.

    I don’t usually hear what punishment is doled out when the vandals are identified/caught. I am grateful to hear that Coach @GoldenAl suspended the Miami player who punched the Tarheel and forced him to perform community service for the day instead of being with the team at the game. If the news story I read is any indication, the guy didn’t learn much, and probably never should have been admitted to Miami in the first place. gah! I’ve always said I’d be a tough coach. I think this player got off easy since it seems he didn’t learn anything from his day of missing a ~big game and serving others.

    I don’t know what has to happen to make this nonsense stop, but it is time.

    As players (who are students, first, by the way!), those team members represent the school more visibly than just about anyone else. Their behavior on and off field has to be above reproach.[1] If the players don’t want to be “better” than their fellow students, then they need to turn in their jerseys.

    Students/alumni/fans also represent their school, and when they participate in these “pranks”, they cost their school money. Do you think A&M paid the bill to have their buses cleaned in Lubbock? ha! We know UT will bill A&M for the $1500 in damages done over the weekend. More importantly than money these illegal acts make the offending school look bad in the media. That translates easily into donations for scholarships and programming, advertising at school-sponsored events, and even the recruiting of future students who now think less of the school. Every little bit, especially in this economy, adds up.

    So, unless universities want to turn over their advertising ribbon boards to Krylon, Sherwin-Williams, Graffiti-off, and Lysol, they need to consider putting enough efforts into finding/punishing these students. And, yes, they can punish alumni, if they want: ban them from mailing lists and ticket sales. It’s not much, but it’s something. I don’t know what they could do about rogue fans, but it’s possible that some of them are potential students (don’t let them in!) or have kids who grew up as fans of the school. Hit them where it hurts if you want to put a stop to it. Yes, it’s harsh, (and unfair to the kid if they weren’t involved) but something has to be done to make this stop.

    Settle any grievances on the field (and within the rules), like a real rivalry does, not on the campus, the buses, or private property.


    [1] And, no, I don’t care that some of the Miami players got a few lap dances and boat rides. They needed to pay their own way in accordance with NCAA, but I don’t feel the activities themselves are embarrassing. What college-aged guys don’t get lap dances if they want them? It’s a normal right of passage for guys when they turn 21 and not unlike girls hiring a stripper for a bachelorette party.

  • 02Sep
    College Colors Day

    College Colors Day

    College Colors Day

    College Colors Day

  • 28Jun

    I love Twitter. I’m a little bit evangelical about it.

    As a result, I hear arguments. Most of them don’t hold water…like when someone claims to hate it but they haven’t ever tried it (which doesn’t apply in all cases, but certainly does in this one). I’ve also heard people say, “I don’t know what to say on Twitter,” when they are the same ones who light up a new facebook status every 10 minutes.

    Even if you don’t want to do the talking, you can do the listening [1].

    Today gave me a shining example of why organizations (and businesses) need to use Twitter.

    The Capital City A&M Club has weekly Monday lunches. During the fall, they replay the copy of the weekend’s football game without any of the filler between plays. Other times of the year, they have speakers and networking. I never really pay attention to the thing, but a friend made me realize that this week, Dr. Ben Welch would be speaking about leadership.

    …except that he wasn’t. He had to cancel (dental emergency) and Scott Jarvis was speaking about Texas A&M Qatar, instead. They even did name/year intros. Since I’m not a “Class of” anything, I was left saying something like, “Lori Luza. I didn’t go to A&M.” (That isn’t even technically true, but lying is better than telling them all about my horrible experience.) “I used to work for Dr. Welch, so I came here to see him. I’m married to an Aggie class of ’89.” yuk at my embarrassing drivel instead of just my name.

    It was a great topic, but it wasn’t worth my drive down and the disruption of my mid day. Dr. Welch’s topic would have been worth that and more. Scott did a lovely job and shared great information…but it wasn’t anything I needed. And, since A&M isn’t my alma mater, it was only mildly interesting to me. And, as it turns out, Dr. Welch sought Scott as a replacement on Saturday night. They had ~36 hours to let everyone know of the change.

    • They could have emailed the change to their list. It’s a huge list so they probably have a rule about not bothering people more than once a week. Fine.
    • I had emailed the guy in charge of this group with my menu questions. He could have written me back or alerted me to the change [2]
    • If they had tweeted the change, I probably would have seen it and would have stayed home.

    So, see? Twitter is the easiest fix to problems like this. Stuff happens. It’s how you handle stuff that matters. [3]

    [1] I get all my news/weather/sports via Twitter. It’s the first place I learn of things like the Tsunami in Japan, celebrity deaths, and other “what everyone is talking about” topics. It’s just the most efficient way to broadcast short messages. And, because it can work via SMS Text Messaging on your phone, it can be critical during a disaster like a hurricane or earthquake.
    [2] He was out of town. He got a replacement to run the meeting, but wasn’t checking email and didn’t delegate that to someone else. Really? He’s in charge of a weekly program at what might be the largest A&M Club in the country and he didn’t either keep up with his email or temporarily forward them to someone else? Oh, wait, he can’t do THAT because he uses his WORK email instead of one like <MondayProgram@AustinAgs.org>. He even had the balls to claim this was a last-minute change. Um, no it wasn’t; 36 hours is a far cry from last minute. The Aggie jokes just write themselves, here.
    [3] It was pointed out to me that announcing that Dr. Welch couldn’t make it might have hurt attendance. While I’m sure this is the case, it’s clear that a) they weren’t that organized or calculated and b) was it worth it if now I’ve blogged about what poor communications were used?
  • 06Jun

    For the last several years, our alma mater’s have played one another in some major team (and minor/individual) sports. We are both very good-natured and very respectuful of one another’s teams. We even hosted a living room full of Aggies for the year A&M went to Miami for football. The party was themed “Gig ’em, ‘Canes!!!” [1] After all, an ideal scenario is for our two schools to be #s 1 & 2 in every sport (and every academic subject, too) every year. LOL

    This weekend was an amazing display of our camaraderie. I already had plans to host some friends for a wine tour with our apartment complex, so I knew I’d miss the first baseball regional between A&M and UM.

    First, here are some little similarities between our schools.

    • Aggies “Whoop” | Hurricanes “Whoosh Whoosh” (Though, the ‘Canes do not use it in the same manner.)
    • While the Hurricanes use the “U” and Aggies often use the “T”, we both went to “M” schools, too.
    • Both schools have a very loyal student following to their sports teams.
    • Aggies pass back hand signs.  | Hurricanes hold up four fingers at the beginning of the 4th quarter to signify dominance of that quarter and stamina for the whole game. ‘Canes also have hand signs and chants(not all are family-friendly) we use for certain teams.
    • M-I, A-M-I, fight, Fight, FIGHT! | Farmers fight, Farmers fight! Fight! Fight! Farmers, farmers fight!!
    • We both have yells/chants during our fight songs.
    • Two-name towns with our own zip codes: College Station, TX 77840 and Coral Gables, FL 33146.
    • C-A-N-E-S, Canes! | A-G-G-I-E…Gig ’em, Aggies!
    • White is an official color for both schools.
    • Hand symbols: Aggies give a thumbs up to show “Gig ’em”.  | ‘Canes “throw the U” with both hands.
    • “It’s great…to be…a Miami Hurricane” | “Squads left! squads right! Farmers, farmers, we’re all right! ….”

    While the similarities are small, they are meaningful to us.

    So, when Saturday’s game started, Emil texted me his version of a yell for our teams. Stealing from a ‘Cane cheer, he wrote, “We’ve got some Aggies over here; Whoop whoop!” **swoon**; he really is the love of my life.

    Miami bested A&M on Saturday, but A&M won on Sunday. So, we’ll see how Monday evening goes to see who gets to go to the Super Regionals. If only we can keep the lightening away from the Miami campus for one whole game!

    Gig ’em, ‘Canes. Whoosh Whoop.

    [1] I only had one rule for the Aggie alumni and fans: root/yell FOR your team, not AGAINST mine. I had to explain to one friend that “Beat the Hell Outta…” would not be tolerated and that I considered it bad sportsmanship. She disagreed and I told her she didn’t have to come over. But, in the end, she came to our party and yelled for the Aggies.

  • 07Dec

    Aggies to take on Bulldogs in the (Advocare 100) Independence Bowl, December 28, 2009, Shreveport, Louisiana, #gigem

  • 31Aug

    Texas Aggies Will Yell for Miami Hurricanes to Win

    Got this in email today (from Rivals.com). You Aggie readers should want Miami to beat FSU next Monday.

    History that Correlates

    Since 1997, there has been a direct correlation between the winner of the Miami/FSU game and the Texas/OU game.

    FSU 47 – Miami 0
    Texas 27 OU 24

    FSU 26 – Miami 14
    Texas 34 – OU 3

    FSU 31 – Miami 21
    Texas 38 – OU 2

    Miami 27- FSU 24
    OU 63 – Texas 14

    Miami 49 – FSU 27
    OU 14 – Texas 3

    Miami 28 – FSU 27
    OU 35 – Texas 24

    Miami 22 – FSU 14
    OU 65 – Texas 13

    Miami 16 – FSU 10
    OU 12 – Texas 0

    FSU 10 – Miami 7
    Texas 45 – OU 12

    FSU 13 – Miami 10
    Texas 28 – OU 10

    Miami 37 – FSU 29
    OU 28 – Texas 21

    FSU 41 – Miami 39
    Texas 45 – OU 35


    Monday, September 7, 2009
    7pm CDT (8pm Eastern)
    Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL

  • 25Feb

    “Thanksgiving Football For Aggies And Longhorns

    The Big 12 Conference and its television partners announced the 2008 Texas A&M vs. Texas football game will be televised by ESPN and the game will be played on Thanksgiving night. This marks the first time for the game to return to Thanksgiving since the 1993 game, which is also the last time ESPN televised the rivalry game. “When I arrived in Aggieland, one of the first questions I was asked was when would we get the Texas football game back on Thanksgiving?â€? Aggie Director of Athletics Bill Byrne said. “I knew the Big 12 contract called for the game to be played the day after Thanksgiving on ABC, but that didn’t stop the questions or desire to move the game back to Thanksgiving. I am thrilled that ESPN has offered to move the game back to that traditional date of Thanksgiving. I applaud the Big 12 Conference and our television partners in making this happen.â€?”