@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-31

That’s cool! @mherzber Watching Bones and just realized a friend of mine is in this episode # Austinites, @district301atx is hosting a #MichaelJackson memorial Thriller Halloween. Get your drink on! 301 W 6th St #atx # Thank you @SonnyJohns and @flabastida for the #ff. I really appreciate you thinking of me! # Over and Out. […]

@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-28

South Park is hi-lar-i-ous lately. Love the A Chorus Line bit in WTF. My laugh muscles are getting a great workout! # @ileenieweenie This is your official accountability check. How goes it? # I Bonza for friends. RT @KeepAustinWierd … http://www.bonzalounge.com …heard…they don’t have enuff dudes. Cmon Internet! 🙂 # . @emil285 Don’t let her […]

@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-27

RT @omarg “Chicken-fried bacon!?” my wife asked. Don’t mind us. We’re just gearing up for Wurstfest. # Loving the music I’m hearing for H’ween! Monster Mash and Time Warp were both on radio/muzak this am! # RT @stephensurefire: Reading: 69% of People Would Live with Ghosts for Cheaper Rent – http://ow.ly/wUZu – fun halloween fact […]

@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-25

RT @funnyoneliners Why is it that the people who tell you to relax are almost always the source of your anxiety? @CynicalNihilist # RT @SheilaS Y’all have GOT to quit being so entertaining with the #oneletteroffmovies titles, like “The Bi Lebowski” & “Drapes of Wrath.” # RT @TexasDPS_PIO SILVER ALERT Denton On foot Lawrence Eagleton […]

@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-22

@incslinger Wish I could make it, but there are ~5 things on my calendar for tomorrow evening. # @IleenieWeenie LOL. We had that wine once at a “Redneck Wine Tasting.” Turned out to be the one we brought….a Barefoot wine!! LOL # RT @OrgClut …sorry to be rude, but we make real products. DM/@ us […]

@loriluza’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-21

I’m honing my Settlers of Catan skills for the next game night! 😉 # Media types: What is ur favorite/CHEAP email list tool? Constant Contact? Bronto? Other? I’m tired of being n the To: line; want 2 educate. # RT @TomMartin Got a buddy looking for an experienced email marketer to work in NOLA. Any […]